Set tubi per pompa artroscopica FMS: Jhonson & Jhonson


Set tubi per pompa artroscopica FMS: Jhonson & Jhonson

This Tubing connects the irrigation bags to the irrigation tubing via the spikes and the peressure chamber, where the pressure is read through a filter by a built-in transducer.

Reference One day set : 4503

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This tubing allows suction from the joint, either directly from a cannula or through an auxiliary suction (shaver or basket punch). Either suction mode is activated by the pinch valve controlled by the foot pedal.

Reference Patient Set : 4509

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This tubing is individually wrapped and allows a simple diagnosis to prerformed when the irrigation tubing (ref. 4503) is already set up.
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The gravity+ irrigation tube set, with its large inner diameter, provides superior fluid delivery to the surgical site.

Bleeding and visualization problems are quickly controlled by the surgeon using gravity+’s pressure bulb.

The four spikes increases pressure potential by 50%* and reduces circulating nurse manipulations.

The continuous flow feature ensures that fluid flow is not interrupted while the bulb is being replenished with fluid after compression. **

The gravity + family of tube sets offers enhanced visualization and better control of pressure and flow. It also reduces fluid manipulation in comparison with standard gravity tube sets. Call FMS or your local distributor for a free trial.


  • For optimum performance, the use of an FMS high flow sheath is recommended. (Ordering info).
  • The gravity + was not designed to replace mechanical pumps and does not provide the increased safety and enhanced features that are found on the other FMS pump systems (FMS DUO or FMS SOLO).

    * Compared to a two-spike tube set. ** Only available on the gravity + continuous flow tube set.

    ref. 1113


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